This may be one of the best games ever made for the N64.

User Rating: 9.3 | Mario Kart 64 N64
Gameplay: The controls are very responsive and easy to get a hang of. The power slide is a very effective tactic that can be used to give a skilled player an added advantage. Also at the start of each race a player can start off with a boost by timing the green light. The ability to tap B repeatedly to get out of a banana peel spin-outs is also a nice feature. 9/10

Value: This game will never get old. You can play the game over and over and it will never lose its luster. Even now in 2005 when the game is nine years old it is still a blast to play. An extensive number of characters are available to choose from allowing you to specialize your skills with a certain character or just have fun and choose a different character each time you race. If you are looking to add a game to your N64 collection and you don't own Mario Kart 64, pick it up immediately. 10/10

Overall: One thing missing from this game is a lengthy Grand Prix mode. Even 150cc doesn't offer much of a challenge. However multiplayer action is where this game really shines. By utilizing the four controller slots you can play this game for hours on end. There are sixteen unique courses to choose from and the battle mode can also be quite entertaining. Simply put this one of the best games released for the N64 and a must buy for any video game collector. 9.3/10