Mario Is Missing is absolutely one of the worst Mario games I've ever played in my life.

User Rating: 1 | Mario is Missing! SNES
Back in the Super Nintendo days, there were a lot of educational Mario games that were geared towards children. However, Mario Is Missing is absolutely one of the worst Mario games I've ever played in my life.

The main plot in this game, is that Luigi has to rescue Mario from Bowser. You play as Luigi only, and you just search for his brother at different towns and cities around the world. This may be the first game where Luigi is actually a starring hero, but there are better games like Luigi's Mansion.

The absolutely worst thing about this game is the actual game play. To sum it all up, it gets very boring quickly. You basically just walk around the cities and encounter enemies and other people. There is no adventure and action like the previous Mario games. Instead of killing enemies, they just turn into coins after you bypass them. There are no hints and tips on how to find Mario. You can travel to other cities, but you will still walk around and does nothing like an idiot. This game is an absolute educational joke. This game is not going to teach the young kids anything. Luckily, this game was not made by Nintendo.

The graphics are very similar to Super Mario World. Luigi is just a palette swap of Mario, and the red clothing was replaced with green clothing. Everything else is bland and tedious. Even this game looks like a childish version on Super Mario World. The music is also terrible because it doesn't even have Mario themed music at all.

Please don't buy this game and don't play it either. There are plenty of other educational games for the young tads out there. If you're a big fan of Luigi, then buy Luigi's Mansion because that game has action and adventure in it.

Presentation - 1 Luigi has to rescue Mario from Bowser, but there are no hints on how to find Mario at all.

Graphics - 1 It's Super Mario World styled graphics, but it looks even worse, more bland, and childish.

Sound - 0 There are no familiar sounds and Mario themed music.

Game play - 1 All you do is have Luigi walk around cities, and there is no action and adventure.

Lasting Approval - 0 There is no lasting appeal.

Overall 0.6 out of 10 Gamespot Score 1 out of 10