Horrible, disapointing.

User Rating: 1 | Mario is Missing! SNES
Graphics: The graphics alone are.. Decent to say the least, doesn't really get any better than that. That's just about the only part that had any good out of this game.

Sound/Music: They are both annoying. The music is a repeating tune on each level over and over again. If you're gonna play this at all, for your own sake use earplugs.

Difficulty: Too easy. Enemies don't even hurt you.

Gameplay: So what is the deal with this game? It's another attempt by Nintendo to take one of their popular characters and make the game for educational purposes. In this game, you go through history. How about that. They have two Mario games to teach you how to spell and use numbers, a Donkey Kong math game, now you got a history game.

Controls: Again, easy to get used to.

Overall: Use your mad history skills and rescue Mario from the oh so wicked Bowser. Enemies and bosses can't do anything to you. You walk around in different towns getting artifacts and such, and it's just.. such.. a drag. Good collectors item, bad game.