This game honestly isn't as bad as everyone says it is just you know... not good.

User Rating: 5 | Mario is Missing! SNES
Well this is definitely not a normal Mario game, in fact it's an educational game, and its not that bad but honestly who wants to play an educational game, however there is one good thing I like about the game and that is the music, maybe it just brings back memories because I used to have this game and I don't know I just like it, but the rest just makes for a mediocre game. Like I said it's not really a bad game, it's just educational and I know most people will get bored quick with this game.

The point of the game is too jump on Koopa's (that can't hurt you) and you will get three items, their are certain places that need them back but first you have to answer two questions before they can identify if it's a fake item. Really questions to identify an item? are you kidding me?, anyways the questions are not too hard however if you answer one wrong you have to wait like two minutes just to be able to answer the questions again. I get they don't want you to cheat and keep answering over and over again but it's just tedious. Anyways theirs three items you have to return and answer questions then you have to lead Yoshi too where the information from the items tell where you are so you can get into a certain pipe because one of those cactus thingies are blocking it,(I believe they are called spiny's or something like that). One good thing I will say about this game again is that without looking at the newspapers its actually quite easy to tell where you are(or at least for me it was) by looking through the city, and that tells me that's pretty good detail for the 16 bit Snes. Anyway I'm getting off subject, you return the items in five cities and after that you face three of Bowser's sons and it's lame because they can't kill you, all you have to do is continue to jump on them until they are dead. After you defeat three of his sons you don't even have to beat Bowser Luigi pulls a switch that makes Bowser fall into a cannon and he is blown into the snow and then you find Mario, I wasn't expecting some grand ending but wow, just wow, That's all I can say.

If you're a Mario fan I would probably stay away from this. Look I will be honest it's not the worst game ever made, in fact it's not that bad, just not good if you want to try something new and educational then maybe you want to play this game but if you don't like educational games don't get this game.