Truly the worst Mario game in history.

User Rating: 2 | Mario is Missing! SNES
I bought this game a long, long time ago for about 5 bucks, and I really think it's not even worthy of what it cost me.

Luigi's one of my favorite characters, and I find it really disappointing that his first adventure as a star is so horrible. They tried to create an educational game, which isn't a bad thing, but how they made is what makes this game so abysmal.

All you do is run around a city vaguely based on the country you'll have to identify later, trying to find some artifacts by killing Koopas that are walking around the city - since some of them will possess an artifact. Then you'll have to go to see Peach at a certain stand in the city - why exactly there are three Peach in the same city is beyond me - and she will give you a text to read and some questions to answer about it. Miss it, and she'll laugh at you, and you'll have to wait a couple of minutes before you can try again. It's stupid that you cannot try again right away, and the fact that she laughs at you almost seems like the creators of this game think you're an idiot because you don't remember how long the China wall is. Way to go! That's exactly the way you have to teach kids : laugh at them when they answer wrong.

When you've finally been able to give all artifacts to those stands, you will have to look at your map, walk Yoshi to your location on the map, and you'll be riding Yoshi, which allows you to get down the pipe you've come out of at the beginning at the level - because after you get out of it, a Pokey sticks out of it to prevent you from coming back, and Pokey will be scared of Yoshi. You do this for 4 levels, and then you'll face a "boss". The "boss" will just keep running back and forth until you hit it three times. It will never hurt you.

And then, oh joy, 4 new levels for you to complete. And you do this for 4 floors or so. It's always the same, boring thing all over again.

The city backgrounds are horrible, and the characters you'll run into are plain ugly and completely useless, as they don't even fit the background. If you're in China, they will look the same as they do in any other country you'll be forced to visit. Plus, they don't tell much. They're probably just there to show you there is something uglier than the backgrounds.

This game is a pitiful attempt for an educational game. The graphics are horrible, and you won't learn much, as most of your time will be spent running around those horrible-looking cities to get some artifacts. About 2% of this game is educational, and you'll probably be asleep before you reach one of those rare educational moments. Even so, you won't learn much, if not at all.