An Educational Game!! I Can See Why Luigi Doesn't Have So Many Games.

User Rating: 3 | Mario is Missing! SNES
Well i dont see why Nintendo Made this game. If you want to learn you can read a book or something, video games is a paradise that takes us away from learning and then this game came...its disgusting.

Gameplay: 1 - Who wants to learn?! well some of the problems in this game are easy to answer and some you need a pencil and paper. If you want to learn dont play video games, if you want to stay away from learning play video games. This game is most recommended to kids between the ages of 3 - 8.

Graphics: 7 - Well the graphics werent all that bad and there are different styles of luigi and mario. but i didnt really like the style of mario and luigi in this game.

Sound/Music: 4 - Who like the sound of learning while they are playing video games?!

This Game should be missing from your collection so avoid this game, and people who like to learn, this game is highly recommended to you a touch of Mario and Luigi in learning will make you want to play this game over and over again.