What did Luigi do to deserve such a bad game?

User Rating: 1 | Mario Is Missing! NES
I consider myself a die-hard Luigi fan, whenever it came to a game he would be in I would use him you name it, Super Mario Bros, Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros, and so on. So when I found a game in the bargain bin of my video game store, I came across Mario is Missing and judging from the look of the game it looked really good. So without a second thought I bought it and tried it out hoping for a game that would really bring out Luigi, only to result in him getting more pushed into the background.

STORY: The plot is that Mario has been kidnapped by Bowser and now it's up to Luigi to rescue him, it's classic, original, and sounded really good, it's a shame they couldn't keep it that way. 10/10

GRAPHICS: They resemble Super Mario World except it's on an 8-bit system, but they look good and a bit grainy. 8/10

SOUND: Not to bad, but to be honest, I really wanted to hear more of the Mario theme music, instead we get music that doesn't even sound related to Mario. 5/10

CONTROLS: They are a bit delayed, it seems to take Luigi or Yoshi a minute to move and the jumps take forever. 2/10

GAMEPLAY: The game itself does not play like a typical Mario game should. Rather than it being a side scrolling platformer it's instead an educational game where you have to go to different parts of the world and retrieve historical artifacts and return them to their rightful locations. There is barely any affiliation to the original Mario Bros games and it's just a pain to play through not because it's hard, but because this is the last thing you would expect from Luigi's first game. The only real fun you will have with this game is just fighting the last boss and he is too simple even for kids, but at least it does have something to do with the Mario games. 0/10

CONCLUSION: I was utterly shocked and very disappointed at this, how could they do this to Luigi? I would probably forgive this game if it was in Nintendo's actual hands, not some third-rate company that I hope went out of business, but not for this, the gameplay is boring, the game itself has very little to do with Mario games, and while the story sounded interesting it was just very poorly executed, the controls are atrocious in a Mario game and there is no excuse for that, and again this is the last thing I expected from Luigi's very first game. Luigi fans, like me, there needs to be a crusade to destroy every cartridge of this game on both the NES ans SNES so future Luigi fans won't ever have to play such a bad game. To the developers who call this a game, may you never, ever, ever make another game as long as you live.