Mario isn't the only thing that's missing in this game...

User Rating: 4.5 | Mario Is Missing! NES
In the early '90s, Nintendo teamed up with third party developer "The Software Toolworks" to create a sreies of educational Mario games. All these mario games sucked and were a waste of time to create. Mario Is Missing is a game in which Bowser has a castle in Antartica and plans to use many hair dryers to flood the world. He has also taken Mario prisoner. He then sends his Koopas to different cities in the world to steal artifacts in order to fund his project. It's now all up to Luigi and Yoshi to travel through the world, stop the koopas, and retrive the artifacts that were stolen.
This sounds like a cool game. I like the idea of mario being kidnapped and luigi going to go rescue him. But it just isn't.
Luigi also needs to answer these annoying as hell trivia questions in order to return the items. That's what really killed this from being a really cool game. The music didn't help either.
I think Nintendo should take this idea and remake it the way it should be: For Fun.
And in this game, there are no lives, no health points, you can't get hurt in this game. The enemies just walk right past you. You just jump on their heads.
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