Mario,why did you have to @#$% up like that?

User Rating: 1 | Mario is Missing! SNES
Ugh,I bought this just because it was Mario. Anything Mario has gotta be good,right? WRONG!!!!!!!!! This game made me so angry! I WASTED 15 BUCKS ON THIS CRAP!!!!!!

Graphics: 0.00000000000000000000001/100 The game's graphics were stolen from Super Mario World. But they were copied very badly!! Their quality was CRAP!!!!

Music: 50/100 The music wasn't bad. Each track was a remix of the Super Mario World song. They sounded good. But after 5 minutes,it got old. Very old.

Game-play/Controls: -76/100 The game-play and controls were PURE DOO-DOO!!!! YOU COULDN'T EVEN DIE!!! YOU COULD NOT EVEN COMMIT SUICIDE TO GET AWAY FROM THIS CRAP!!! YOU HAD TO SUFFER!!!!

Overall: -492,000,000,000,000,000,/100!!!!!! THIS GAME SUCKED!!! NEVER BUY THIS!! NEVER RENT THIS!!! NEVER DOWNLOAD A ROM OF THIS!!!!! That is all. Bye bye. Have a good night.