Overall, Mario Golf is an entertaining game to play, but it's also painfully limited in many areas.

User Rating: 6 | Mario Golf N64
I am a fan of playing golf in real life and in video games as well. NES Golf Tournament was abysmal to me because the controls were very difficult to grasp. However, Mario Golf Toadstool Tour was the best Mario Golf game I've ever played. Then I played the Nintendo 64 version of Mario Golf. Although Mario Golf was way better than NES Golf Tournament, it still wasn't as great as Toadstool Tour.

The presentation is basically choosing modes to round up of golf with your friends. There's also a story mode where you unlock more characters. At first only about two characters are available to select. Unfortunately, you have to unlock most of the characters including Luigi.

The graphics on the other hand weren't really all that great. Everything was on the cutesy side, and the characters looked very blocky, large, and pixilated. There are no frame rate issues, but everything looked pretty childish to me.

The music was more of a mixed bag to me. It might of sounded relaxing, and happy, but it really didn't sound like Mario themed music that much. When you begin to sink in the hole, then you'll begin to hear his familiar theme music. It was also painfully limited and repetitive for me at least.

The controls are very similar to Toadstool Tour, but it was a tad more difficult figuring out my approach shot (where you sink in the hole and swing the golf club far). The extra meter guide was absent, so my swings tended to be less accurate sometimes. Other than that minor flaw, the controls were still accurate and responsive. Therefore, I tended to score more bogeys and double bogeys than pars and eagles.

Overall, Mario Golf is an entertaining game to play, but it's also painfully limited in many areas. I would only recommend this game if you can play with your friends.

the good - the music is good, controls are still responsive, game modes may suffice you and your friends for a good while

the bad - cutesy graphics, controls were more difficult of approach shots, not enough characters to select at first, overall presentation falls very flat

Presentation- 3

Graphics- 5

Sound- 7

Gameplay- 7

Lasting Approval- 7

Overall 5.8 out of 10 Gamespot Score 6.0 out of 10