Have Nintendo hit a hole in one? You bet they Have!

User Rating: 8 | Mario Golf N64
I love the VC, I really do. Nintendo really outdid themselves with it. Well let's just say that when Mario Gold N64 came out on it, I hadn't even heard of it. So, like all the other N64 Mario games on the VC- I downloaded it. And Guess what? I didn't like it. 'But he gave it an 8! How could he do that if he hated it,' you cry. But didn't is past tense!! I ended up throwing the VC controller down and stamp my feet. This wasn't what I wanted. So I didn't play it for a week. Then one day I thought I'll give it ago. I never looked back. It grows on you, and when you get into the game you're simply hooked. Like a fish really. I highly recommend this game; and this is why:
Say you didn't like the Mario special moves. Well there isn't any in the game. It has Mario characters, but that's as Mario like as it gets. Considering that there are human characters in the game to play as. Once you start you only have four Players to choose from, two are human. The other too is Peach and Baby Mario. This is nice because most will like Plum and Charlie (the humans) and everyone likes Peach and Baby Mario. Even with a small cast to start it's still nice. They look charming and cute It has the voices of the characters too. Well Luigi doesn't sound like himself but that's it. There are other Mario characters to unlock by playing 'Get character' and two other humans. You can also change your player's outfits.
So I said it was just plain Golf, and it is. Even in 'Get character' it's just golf. But there are other modes. And no there are no special moves in these either. There are games like Ring mode and Speed gold, they are fun. Then there is 'get a character' mode. In it, you try to get a character. DUH!! But this is when it gets hard core. You play against a character and if you beat him/her you unlock 'em. It is really hard, but great fun. It gives you a feeling that you have earned the character when you play as them.
To play the game you have to have good timing. You have a row of dashes and you simply hit A to start. Then a bar starts flowing, hit A to select how hard you want to hit the ball. (Making a small bar would result in a small shot) Then after making the bar a silver dash will come back down. Hit A when it goes over the dash that you started with to get a great shot. If it goes off the dash the more far away the worse the shot. Then there is the wind to take into consideration. You also have to select your stick, you're not getting spoon fed here!
You bet it is. I love this game, even if I hated it at the start. I recommend it to everyone, Mario fan or not. Give it ago, but really it is worth the 1,000 wii points. With a great looking game great fun and it's golf, it's worth it!