Mario golf, the game that wouldn't let me go!

User Rating: 9.5 | Mario Golf N64
Mario golf 64 is one of the best sports games on the n64. The reason why this is, is that the formula is just perfect to keep you playing for a long time. You have many characters to unlock, courses,modes to play, holes to improve on... Etc.

The Graphics?

Great for a Nintendo 64 game! May appear blocky compared to today's standards, but the visuals are still pleasing enough, and the cuteness doesn't bother me at all.

The Gameplay?

The best quality of the game. Miss tap one shot and it could be off the course. The game will put pressure on you,taunt you, make you feel like it's cheating. And that's what gave me the drive to keep playing! Are you trying to tell me the first time you played yoshi, you didn't want to kick his green little hide? The only flaw with the gameplay aspect is some of the CPU's difficulty. But if you keep playing, you'll eventually get better and start winning birdie badges etc... The game grows on you.

The SFX/////Music

Nice soundtracks for what the game is. I'm a musician and give the nintendo team credit for composing such 'fitting' music for each course, bravo! The sound effects of the club hitting the ball sound cool if you pull a nice shot.

Let's summarize!

This game deserves a perfect 10. To me it feels like a complete game through and through.