This is a really great add-on to mario golf for the Nintendo 64.

User Rating: 8.5 | Mario Golf GB GBC
The good parts of this game is the golf-play, it is really easy to play and anyone can play it and not have much of a problem, what you mainly do is when you are on the course playing, all you do is push A, then A again then A for a third time. The leveling up is really cool, you gain exp and then you level up and then you have the choice to what stat you want to raise between power (drive), trajectory, impact zone, and another one that i cant remember. The training is really good, it is really cool, you just go up to people and they tell you very clearly how to do it then you try and if you fail, you can try again. There are many different things to do, like when you can practice to help get your level up, or just practice in the practice areas or you can just play a match without going into the story. The bad parts of this game is the courses, i played mario golf advance tour before this one and the courses are the exact same, that is bad to both games, nintendo must have lost creativity. For more experienced players, this game can get too easy to where you can beat the main story-line in about 6 hours or possibly less. Overall, this is a really great add-on to mario golf and a great game for the game boy color.