Although it may look gimicky, this is a serious golf game.

User Rating: 8 | Mario Golf N64
From what I know, Mario Golf was the first Mario sports game around. At first glance it seems like Nintendo was going to milk Mario and make some gimicky golf game that has nothing to do with golf, but you'd be wrong by saying that.

Gameplay,8. Despite the fact it's not a traditional golf game(in the since that it has Mario characters) this is legit golf game. There's not much to say about the gameplay; it's golf. There is nothing really different about this game from any other golf game other than it's Mario themed. There are some unique modes in this. There is the Get Character mode, which is where you go to do a one on one face-off against a character you don't have for the single player mode yet. There is also the Ring Shots mode where you have to hit the golf ball through the floating rings throughout the course and still make at least a Par. None of the other modes all really anything new.
It works quite well. The physics make since, and there so many factors affecting your shot that I couldn't even give you a list because I probably don't even know them all yet. The multiplayer gets pretty hot too when you have to play through 18 courses and a single mistake can cost you the whole game.

Graphics,8. The graphics are pretty impressive. The characters look nice, but the really good part is the design of some of the courses. Some of these courses just look cool.

Sound, 7. The sound was pretty decent. Although having to listen to the same music that loops over and over through 18 courses starts to get a little annoying, especially since this is a golf game and you need to concentrate when playing, as the slightest mistake in the timing of your shot or just slightly over looking a factor can cost you dearly.

Value, 10. This game definitely doesn't get boring fast. Even after you beat Bowser, the final character to get in Get Character, you still have to do other things in the other single player modes. Then there is also the 2-4 multiplayer, with its variety of modes.

Difficulty, Just Right. While the game may seem hard at first, it's farily easy to pick up on. The difficulty curve of the courses starts to get a little sharp in some of the harder places, and certain characters are really hard to beat but with enough practice it shouldn't be too hard.

Tilt,7. Overall I like this game. Even though I not really a golf fan I still manage to have fun with this game. If you're a fan of Golf, or just like Mario then this is definitely a good game to get.