I used to play this so much back in 99.

User Rating: 8 | Mario Golf N64
Mario Golf can be a really fun game.Even if your not into the sport of Golf.This game was devloped by Camelot Software.The same company that also brought us Mario Tennis as well.The graphics for this game are nice.Their are some nice Wind Effects and their are a variety of courses to choose from.You only start off with 4 other character's in this game.It's just Baby Mario,Peach and two other non Mario characters I forgot about.Techniqly this the first Mario game where Mario isn't playable from the Begining.However you will be able to unlock many other characters later on if you keep playing the Get Character mode.Also their are alot of Modes in this game as well.Like The Regular 18 Hole Golf,Tournament,Ring Shot where you have to shoot the Golf Ball through rings while getting the Ball into the Hole.Speed Golf is where you must get the ball into the Hole in a limited amount of time and Stroke where you must get the ball into the Hole in a limited amount of shots.The stages are good.You can have the regular type of courses.The deserts or the beach type as well.Their is also a 4 player Multiplayer mode.The best part about it is you only need 1 controller to play Multiplayer and it's quite fun once you get down to it.Also If you have a Game Boy Transver Pak you can also get special items from the Game Boy Mario Golf.I reccomend you try it out.Overall Mario Golf is one N64 game you should get.If you love Mario and the sport of Golf defentily get this game.Really the only problem I found with the game is the A.I.They can either be really easy or insanely hard and the graphical detail isn't the best.But get this on Virtual Console if you can.