Its improper to say that this is a waste of time and boring, but limited capabilities restrict greatness

User Rating: 7 | Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games WII
This game has a great concept, fun yet short lived games and an online capability that really stunk.
When i heard about this game i was ecstatic, it seemed like fun and was the first time mario and sonic would be on the same stage, though the fun was shorter than i had expected, constantly shaking your arms is a real fun at first but when you get frustrated and anything you can at the tv you realise the fun at the beginning is vanished and an obsession of beating the world record set by someone who must play it non stop become your only goals.
Though for the most part games are well thought of and developed, i believe many would rather rent it that buy it and than return it for little value the month after it came out.
I think that in the future the duo will make better accomplishments and a more long-lived game that would like spawn a great and inspiring series.

I think this game leaves room for much improvement, so i have mixed reactions, this series has 3 ways to go, Down, Way Down or up.