Good but could have been so much better.

User Rating: 6.5 | Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games WII
It's fun. It gives you a fair workout with all the arm waving. What is most striking is what they don't do right and it is immediately apparent. The good is that kids will have a lot of fun at it and it has an online leader board. Finally a Wii game that actual uses the online capability if only for scoring. It is unfortunate that you can't actually play online.

Graphics are great. The presentation is pretty solid. I think that anyone looking for something a bit more than just the WiiPlay and WiiSports games would be well served by picking this game up if the bad (see below) don't turn them off.

Now for the bad:

There are only four save slots. Why they artificially limit this is beyond me. The also don't tie the save slots to a character or Mii which would seem to make sense. Anything you do in multiplayer (which is where the real fun is) doesn't get recorded. No scores are kept and nothing gets posted online. This is a bit ridiculous.

When going for records and just plain practicing an event, the cutesy medal ceremony and replays get old real fast and you can't skip by them nearly fast enough.

Your forced to constantly unplug and replug the numchuck which is a real pain in the neck especially if you have the new Wii squishy cover for your Wii Remote. Why can't you just leave it plugged in? I have no idea.

The instructions are very poor. Would it have been too much to actually have an instructional video here? The representations of what to do onscreen or very poor. The developer also doesn't seem to know the difference between vertical and horizontal either. Several times you are told to hold the controller vertical for events that clearly require a horizontal orientation.

There are too many similar events as mentioned in the Gamespot review. Do I really need a 100m, 400m, and 4x100m?? What is with all the running? Some of the events could have been made a lot more interesting. I really wanted to like this game and I do to some extent but I'm very disappointed knowing what this could have been. This seemed to be the ultimate game for the Wii and it was botched in many different ways. The most disappointing thing is that Online is really done poorly. Why can't developers seem to grasp that we really want good Wii online games? Even Galaxy, which looks to be great, isn't going to answer this question.

The final verdict however is that my kids really enjoy this a great deal. I guess it just wasn't made for the critical tastes of a long time gamer looking for something more.