Huge improvements have been added for the 2012 London Olympics, still has a few problems and repetitive moments added in

User Rating: 7 | Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games 3DS
Once again we see our favourite two gaming characters Mario and Sonic that we all love teaming up in one video game. Licensed by the International Olympic Committee this is the third instalment in the series, Mario and Sonic at the London Olympics is a little similar to the Beijing 2008 which was released quite a while ago. The London Olympics have made huge improvements from the last games that were on the DS onto the 3DS.

The 3DS version however gets a Story Mode which is a simple plot where Dr Eggman and Bowser try to ruin the London Olympics by covering London in FOG. It's up to Mario and Sonic and his friends to stop them and get rid of the FOG before the games begin.

Gameplay: Unlike the Wii version the 3DS versions has a variety of Olympic matches which will require you to use either the touch screen, button pad or tilt the 3DS to play the variety of games. Each of the athletes will be grouped into 4 who have the same skills and interest placed together to complete the same event.

Like Heroes like Sonic and Mario do events based on Running or any physical events, if you look at a group like Wild Ones, you'll see characters like Knuckles or Bowser doing the heavy lifting or strongest activates. There are other characters you can play as pending on what Match you want to do, some of the Matches are rounded up into 3-5 matches in one tournament.

Playing through Story mode will have a mix of events and matches throughout the main story which will only require you to complete 2-4 Olympic matches if you want to proceed to the next chapter on Story mode. Each of the chapters does have some matches which can be a little repetitive from time to time and simple to beat. A few matches don't give you much info on what you're supposed to do, but it'll take you a few attempts to try and gain a gold medal for that match.

Graphics and Sound: Its London environments are impressive to look at and making England a good example on how great London is in reality. But its graphics are good to look at but there is nothing else impressive to look at from its various Olympic matches or its charming characters, it does have good 3D effects if you turn on the 3D on your 3DS but other than that there's nothing else to much see.

The main story can drag on a little bit where you'll only be hearing simple sound effects and voices from its various characters, they should have least made the effort in adding voice acting to this game, but instead you'll just be hearing the Olympic announcer and the same game quotes over and over again.

You would think that Sega and Nintendo would add classic music from its past games in the series from Mario franchise and Sonic franchise but instead you've got music from the Olympics Ceremony's and events, you do get to hear one or two classic music notes if you do the Walking Match like the Can-Can tune at the very end.

Overall: Clearing the main story can take you at least 5 hours or less pending on what difficulty you put the setting on either Easy, Normal or Hard, not only that there's over 50 events to play through and trying to get Gold Medals for all of them. It can be an addiciting game if you want to get all Gold Medals and Badges which can keep you busy for a while.

Multiplayer is also added up to 2-4 players if they own a copy of the London Olympics or haven't got a copy you can play against your friends or family. It would have been nice if you could play other players online across the world but instead you can only get to see is Record Log on your highest score online.

I would admit that I found this instalment of Mario and Sonic at the Olympics games better than the last two games but it still has a few problems here and there, still a fun family-friendly game for all gamers alike.