They finely got it half way right! But being best in this series is like being a C student in class room of retards.

User Rating: 5 | Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games WII
The Run Down:
This game consist of similar games as the 2008 addition but they got rid of the really crappy ones and enhanced to good ones. They did take away the skeet shooting and archery. The new dream events are nothing like the ones that came before. They come all ready unlocked and playable in single match mode. The cast returns unchanged from any of the other two installments.

The Good:
The game play is flat out fun and the stats are very honest and agreeable to any one who has played these games before this one. Graphics are improved and the exercise this game makes its players do is so good Michele Obama would be an advocate for this game.

The Bad:
The fact that when your running the way you hold the Wii remotes looks like your jacking off. The game dose put a bit of a stain on a persons wrist and the fact that they call Rouge the Bat a supporting cast member did set me off, I mean the have Vector in this game and hes only been a playable character in a few games where as Rouge has been in almost all modern Sonic games and many of these games she was a playable character.

The Ugly:
Once again the bias of the Mario cast is prevalent. Its sad because SEGA has produced these games and still cant get that out.

Jerks Conclusion:
All in all this game was good. It finely took the great Idea and done some thing with it. If your into party type games this game is the one for you. Sonic or Mario fan boys this is one that I would say is not too bad an Idea. And further more if you want to buy any of these you should get this one, leave the other two where they lay.