If you're Mario Fan you probably be skeptical about this one,but if you're an RPG fan. This is love at first sight!

User Rating: 9.5 | Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga GBA
This game is any JRPG lovers friend,It's fun and Easy. Story: Is good,You and Luigi are ready to take down cackletta,It's Mario and his bro Luigi. TIme to go cure Peach's Speech bomb curse. Lets rock it -.-".

Gameplay: This is where your wits and Reflexes come into play. You do simple attacking by choosing an attack then selecting what you wanna do,Hammer slam or regular jump. Jump for the stars,when the time is right... YOU SEE THE"A" ICON PRESS IT right over the enemy. *CHIN*,CRASH. You jus did double damage,now its your enemey's turn. Who is he going to attack Mario or luigi? You're saying to yourself. Ah this a rpg i gotta wait to see if i get a lucky miss or jus get hit. HA! you are wrong,the enemy(Koopa),throws himself in turtle shelled style at Mario! You see a A Button icon, PRESS IT! you jump out of danger ^^, if you miss it you get popped out of some HP. You can also do tag team attacks such as using hammers and such to conquer your foe,button precise button presses are the key for... MASSIVE DAMAGE. Some Enemys such as bosses and special enemys have certain ways you must attack their weak points. Such as using a hammer on spiky enemys or jumping on others

Graphics: Pretty good for a GBA game,pushing GBA's power to the limit.

Verdict: Get the game.. -.-