A formulaic adventure that is redundant the whole way through.

User Rating: 5 | Mario & Luigi: Dream Team 3DS
Now before I start this review I know what everyone is thinking, How can you give a game like this a five out of ten? I know a lot of people might enjoy this game but please be a little bit honest you have to admit that the whole journey through the whole game was the same thing, and in my opinion just felt like padding through the whole game. I'll be honest this game drove me crazy their was not one point in this game where I felt like I was having fun, and that's a shame cause I had heard such good things of the series especially Mario and Luigi SuperStar Saga, but I wont say anything about those cause they could be really good, I might of just not liked this one. I'm not going to sugarcoat this review though I'm going to be straight out honest with my opinion so.., I hope you can at least see where I'm coming from.

Story:So The story is really nothing too special but at least it's not bowser captured peach go get him. So basically Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach go on vacation to a place called Pillo Island, while they are their they learn that a monster named Anthasma is trying to take over the world with something known as the Dream Stone and he gets help from Bowser through the game so they can conquer the world together. A pretty simple plot you would think right? It would be if they didn't have you going to the same places over and over for stupid fetch quests! Near the end of the journey you have to find all five pieces of the dream bed, when you are already over 25 hours into the game, and theirs even one part where you have to enter three dream worlds to hide peach away from Bowser. After you are done with going through three dream worlds let alone going through the regular world also you figure out that Peach transforms into Kamek!(Commence Rant) So your telling me I wasted two hours of going through the same things over and over again for nothing! You have no Idea how I felt during this part let alone the whole game their seems to be so much of this, we got to do this to do that! oh oops something unexplainable happened now we have to do something else! This is the definition of padding and this is what you don't do in a forty plus hour game. Thats right this game is forty hours, This is where I'm torn when it comes to long games. Contrary to popular opinion a long game isn't always a great game, don't get me wrong I want my money worth but I don't want to play a game that is over forty hours of filler or just nothing fun too do, and I'm not only talking about this game, The campaign of any great game in my opinion should be a max of twenty hours because after that it gets to tiresome, unless its a completely ground breaking game, Side quests are fine to give the gamer a choice to keep playing, but after putting twenty hours in this game I thought I was near the end, but little did I know I was only half way there, but I wanted to keep pushing on even though to be flat out honest I think I would have had much more fun hitting my head with a hammer. I figured I had to be near the end so I would play for three hours at a time and after that charge my 3ds to torture myself some more, and throughout this time the game would tease me that you were near the end but really I was no where near it. It took me about forty hours just to beat the game and in the end I started even fleeing from most of the battles, so it could of taken me up to at least 43 hours too. wow I got off topic huh.. but basically the story is nothing but filler uh oh I feel another one coming on I can't stop it here it comes.(Commence Rant #2)The story is also really long due too continual long explanations, whoever programmed this game thought that is was only going to be sold to people who have never picked up a video game or they just thought were all f*%cking retards! Everything has to be explained in this game literally every simple step hey Mario do you know how to jump? you don't well oh let me tell you just ignore the line that's pointing up on the bottom screen telling you to slide your stylus on it and listen to my long a$$ speech on how to do something simple and it's like that through the whole game! everything even when your near the end of the game, they still have the gall to tell you simple things that don't need to be explained. Again like Ive said more padding to an already padded game throughout. This brings me to the next part of my rant and bad part to the story just the text in general. Now before I talk about that I just want to let you know that I have no problem with reading text even though a lot of people want Nintendo to start actually getting people to voice their characters. Too be honest though the reason Nintendo doesn't make their characters speak is because they want you to immerse yourself in their game and pretend that it is you making a voice for them or even imagining you were in their shoes. I have no problem with this I don't mind reading text but when it comes to a padded game like this their constant talking about nothing important is not immersive, it's annoying! I don't want too know every single detail just keep the text short, and i get that they try to lighten the mood with it's self referential humor, but theirs very little in this one and even some of the jokes in this one go way to far and just get annoying. I guess I got off topic again huh? I'll I will say now is that the story is just mediocre.

Presentation: Well their honestly wasn't anything too special for me here too. A lot of people commented that the music was really memorable and while I would agree that their are some memorable tracks, most of them become stale due to the constant backtracking and being in the area for long periods of time. The graphics are not anything too special in fact their actually pretty dull, but my favorite part is after you beat a boss and they explode into star bits, it makes for a really cool 3d effect but that's honestly the best looking part of the game.

Gameplay Oh boy are we not at the end yet? So basically as everyone knows Mario and Luigi's Dream Team is an RPG Adventure, that also has some puzzle elements inside it. So lets start with the Rpg mechanic is it any good? for the most part the biggest problem I have is that you switch to two different parts of it, one part in the regular world which is basically normal Mario and Luigi fighting which works fine and then the dreamworld where you fight as Mario infused with Luigi inside himself, This is the only part of the gameplay where I felt was not fair because once you go through a long battle in the Dreamworld and you make one mistake you are done because their is only one person. Another thing about the RPG mechanic is that their are so many enemies that are just overpowered, in most RPG's when you start to level up a lot your enemies become weaker because you become stronger but in this one it just seem like even the most simplest enemies can still be very strong the whole way through and take forever to beat unless you use your bros attack which I did many times, I can't count how many times I used the Luiginary ball over and over again because if I didn't the battle would take even longer then that. Their is one more battle sequence also not sure what it would be called but it's when Luigi becomes big and you have a battle among giants. The concept is awesome! the execution... not so much. This is another huge flaw with this game most of the mechanics in this battle don't work properly and when some things could be explained better theirs no help with it. Isn't funny they will talk you ear off about the most simplest things to do but when it comes to some not so simple parts their like, well... your on your own. Their are some major flaws when it comes to this part of the game. Most of the time when you are trying to dodge,the touch screen won't respond when I know I slid the stylus correctly, this is fatal because their are so many of these bosses that will take out huge amounts of your health by just one hit. Another huge flaw to this part is that if you are about to defeat your opponent and you barley lose guess what time to start the whole battle again. I understand this is meant for the challenge but this is an unfair challenge due to it's faulty mechanics and because it discourages you to keep practicing, because this one battle can last up to one hour. The main adventure aspect is going through area to area and dream to dream going through puzzles and collecting attack pieces every single part feels like you are doing the same thing and theirs honestly nothing very fun about them. Their are some great puzzles in the game, but their are so much of them and it gets so stale the more you play. The gameplay isn't terrible but because of the redundancy of doing it over and over again for hours it makes it stale and not worth playing.

(Spoiler Alert) Their are a total of three final bosses. You got Giant Bowser first. A highlight of the game except for another huge flaw after a great boss battle you must finish Bowser with your special move, after hitting him with it you must dodge balls of lava and hit him with the star, easier said then done due to the terrible 3rd axis controls, they are absolutely horrid, and to be honest throughout the game their not bad, but when it comes to this part they are too sensitive and they don't work properly, a horrible ending to a shining part of the game that could use it badly. After beating giant Bowser you think its over right. Nope now you have to fight Giant Anthasma, nothing special just a filler battle. Ok we beat Anthasma and we beat Bowser the game is over right nope now you must face Bowser with the absorbed dust of the dream stone.(is this enough filler?) Again the battle is just alright nothing too out of the ordinary, and finally that is the end of the game, its about time and do you get some outstanding ending no! Not that I expected much.

Overall Mario and Luigi's Dream Team rubbed me the wrong way, (as you could probably tell) Look if you like the game fine, but I just had to be honest with my experience and to be honest it was an extremely painful one that I just could not enjoy, I honestly find it hard to see what so many people saw in this game and honestly makes me wonder if they put in the whole effort to beat the whole game, but an opinions an opinion and if you like this game more power to you but for me I just couldn't like it, I tried really I did.