This game is having awesomness.

User Rating: 9 | Mario & Luigi RPG 3!!! DS
Bowser's Inside Story is a fun, creative RPG. On to the review.

Story: Unlike most Mario games, but like most of the Mario RPG's, this game does not feature Bowser as Peache's kidnapper. Instead, Fawful is back in all his hilarious glory as the villian, and sells Bowser a mushroom that makes him able to suck up anything in his path. Of course, he goes for his archnemesis, Mario, and I won't go anu farther. The story makes many interesting turns, and there is some truly funny dialogue. 8/ 10

Graphics: The graphics are very colorful and everything is well animated. No complaints. 9.5/ 10

Sound: The music in this game is only alright, not as good as other games. The sound effects are good, though, and the babble that spills from Mario and Luigi's mouths is hilarious. 8/ 10

Gameplay: The most important part of any game. The gameplay is similar to an RPG in that you roam around the land and fight enemies and interact with NPCs. When you enter a battle, though, it's unlike other RPGs. Each battle is an interactive experience that requires your undidvided attention. Right before you attack, you must press a button to make an even more powerful attack. If you're Bowser, you have to swipe the Stylus or blow into the micro phone before an attack for a similar result. Throughout the game, there are several minigames that you must partake in. Some are legitamatley fun, but others have weird sensitivitey issues. But they're over with quickly, so no biggie. Now, there are parts where Bowser grows huge and you must fight an equally huge boss. I found these to be highly enjoyable, but I wish there were more. Speaking of boss battles, this game is fairly light on challenge. It is not difficult to get through at all, it's just a long game. One final thought is that I wish there was more to do after you beat the game. Seriously, all there really is is a few minigames to get high scores on. Still it's a minor complaint. 9/ 10

Rent or Buy: If you like RPGs, buy it. If you like Mario, buy it. If you're looking for a non traditional RPG, buy it.
If you've come this far, thanks for reading and happy gaming.