this is one cooky game, fun and entertaining

User Rating: 10 | Mario & Luigi RPG 3!!! DS
main idea-

this game is awsome! it starts as luigi, mario, and bowser, and somehow they(mario and luigi) end up in bowser's body. the adventure is mostly about bowser(but dont get dissapointed, folks!) and when problems happen in his body, mario and luigi and this golden star helps them out too. bowser's trying to get his kingdom back from lord fawful and his minons. also mario and luigi help him with his body and strength.


this is an rpg game, so the gameplay is rpgish. you can switch from bowser to mario and luigi to fight. the tactics mario and luigi use are jumping, kicking, hammer slams, and special attacks such as da green shell. bowser uses his fists, shell, and fire-breathing. for special attacks he uses his minions.

sound and graphics-

the sound is cooky and fun to listen to. it fits in with the game, because sometimes there are funny scenes and the music changes. the graphics are animated, and fun to see, too.(like, if bowser gets mad, it's funny to see how he reacts.)

the game overall is awsome. if you like a little funniness, get this game. it's the best in mario and luigi series!