This game is a great way to get your fix on portable RPG's.

User Rating: 9 | Mario & Luigi RPG 3!!! DS
Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story is a very humorous, addicting DS title that will have you playing constantly until you beat it.

The story begins with Mario and Luigi being called to a meeting at Princess Peach's Castle about a disease that is breaking out with the townsfolk, the blorbs. Suddenly, Bowser crashes the party (As expected) and of course Mario and Luigi have to beat him up as usual, so they do and Bowser comes crashing down into the forest where he meets a strange merchant who gives him a wierd looking mushroom. This mushroom makes Bowser suck everything inside him, with this new power Bowser goes back to Peach's castle and sucks everyone up inside him which of course includes Mario and Luigi. Now stuck inside Bowser, Mario and Luigi and a new companion named Starlow have to venture the depths of Bowser's body. Where will this peculiar journey take Mario and Luigi?

The gameplay in Bowser's Inside Story is exactly what you expect from a Mario and Luigi game, turn based RPG combat with some action-RPG twists like manually dodging/blocking attacks. Across your travels you get special moves that require SP to use. Also, in a good portion of the game you play as Bowser in the outside world, his moves are as destructive as you expect them to be. He also gets special moves ( These ones use the touch screen) that require SP. Also there are a few times in the game where Bowser turns giant and you have to hold your DS sideways for an epic battle.

Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story will take you 18-22 hours to beat. The game does not have many sidquests and is not very replayable unless you want to play through the game twice. It has a very high sense of humor and the hours that you do play it you will be very satisfied and entertained. I highly recommend this game to fans of Mario and people looking for an RPG on the DS to play.