Best in series

User Rating: 9.5 | Mario & Luigi RPG 3!!! DS
this is one of the funniest rpgs i have ever played! mario and luigis fake italian voices are cool too. it is real cool to finally be able to play as bowser.....but this time hes not the villan. fawful comes back from the previous games and is the main villian with his minion midbus. the main story line is how fawful has made all the toads in mushroom kingdom come up with a sympton called the blorbs. this game is great for about a week or two because its so short but it has a very good favorite character is broggy and you can even use him as a special attack of bowsers after you collect all the block cats. could have been my favorite game of all time if it had any replay value and more collectibles. its still a pretty good game though. if you have never played the series before its kind of similar to paper mario, because if you run into a enemy or it runs into you you instantly battle against it.