A Very Engaging and Memorable Game!

User Rating: 9 | Mario & Luigi RPG 3!!! DS
The Good:
-The RPG elements work well here (Running into various enemies inside Bowser and having Mario and Luigi attack and counterattack enemies with jumps, hammers, etc. Badges, ranks, and level up rewards aren't too bad either. The game in general does a good job of mixing RPG elements within a predominantly 2D platforming title.)
-Funny, engaging storyline.
-Plenty of creative puzzles to solve and gameplay features.
-Bright, colorful graphics.
-Controls are easy to pick up (Sidescrolling, A to jump, swapping between Bowser and Mario and Luigi from top screen to touch screen, etc.)
-Great variety of moves and combo moves in battles (Jumps, hammers, koopa shells, etc.)
-Delightful music soundtrack.
-Lots of funny, memorable characters.
-Excellent Tutorials.

The Bad: