Started off weak, but ended strong.

User Rating: 8 | Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr.'s Journey 3DS


- chippy is good addition. It's sassy dialogue adds a lot of humor, especially when it's talking to Bowser.

- the map is done better, allowing for dpad to scroll

- the flip screen Bowser battles are cool

- the puzzles involving switching between Bowser and Mario Luigi are creative.

- this game builds on Bowser's character as well as his minions. Gives lore to the villains of the Mario universe, which is cool.

- the dialogue and scenarios are funny. Bowser's soft touch guy persona is pretty funny.

- the difficulty does ramp up a bit more later, so even the Bowser parts were a little more challenging.

- the game gets more diverse and interesting later on when I'm able to control Mario and Luigi in the overworld more. And the interior Bowser parts were also visually different which made the overall experience less bland.


- the Bowser segements are extremely easy since there's no need to control two characters for counter attacks.

- all Mario and luigi's sections are 2D, which gets boring compared to the 3D puzzles in super star saga.

- Bowser's gameplay gets boring. Most of his moveset requires no timing skill.

- Mario and Luigi environments look the same in every area. Just gooshy insides of Bowser. It gets visually repetitive.