My childhood and about 3 years of replaying as this game took my heart away

User Rating: 10 | Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story DS

Imagine, your this small little high pitched voiced kid who was obsessed with mario, rayman GONE, Sonic, Mario's better, Smash bros, Mario Mario Mario, Zelda, eh ill cut them a break. But never in ,y life have I enjoyed a RPG so much. As my first RPG I was excited I mean what kid wasn't, You were sucked into Bowser and had to fight midget obsessed with Fury and chortles and Beans. The game play was awesome. I remember turning my DS around for the first time thinking. I'm The King Of the Koopas. Plus the music was the best in the series, my opinion And words can't describe how many times i put my headphones in to listen to the final boss music which I beat 30 Times. And what's the innovating secrete to this game. Partners in Time Had The Bros. And Baby's. Superstar Saga had the gloves. But what did this game have. Bowser, He had swag, he had chicken, he had the fist and the fire and everything you would expect. and if you switch between Bowser and Mario/Luigi, You get Remixes. This game was long i cried over the part where you had to clear the food with the stylist because i didn't have one and had to use my finger. I put hours into it and I'm Proud to say this is The Best in the series. Thus concludes my review