Not everyone's cup of tea, but you ought to try and see if it is yours.

User Rating: 9 | March of the Eagles PC
In short, the game is stripped of many paradox game features such as a detailed economy, trade, production, population, and many other things. Is this bad, though? If you're going to play single player mode only, then you'll probably play 3 games before getting bored of the game. It's designed to be a quick game so it can be played on multiplayer mode, that's where all the fun is. And besides, the military aspect of the game is very detailed , since the game is based about the Napoleonic wars. So far I've played probably about 4 or 5 hours, judging from this short experience I can safely say the multiplayer will be an exceptional experience. Therefore, I highly recommend it if you're searching for a detailed strategy-war game to play online. It can be also played on single player but it wouldn't be as enjoyable as, say, CKII or EU3. It seems that paradox will be making DLCs for the game because they reported that the sales figures for it have been higher than expected and thus they expect that the player-base is enough for DLCs to make profits. So if you're unsure about the game, check out the various detailed reviews out there and stay tuned.