Short, frustrating and addicting, just live my review, expect for the addicting part.

User Rating: 7.9 | Marble Madness NES
This was been released for a plethora of systems, and started it's life in the arcade, where you used a trackball. I have actually played this game on a couple of systems, but chose the NES, because it were there I played it the most. Now, first off, this game only has a very few levels, but they are very hard to get trough, and takes some time to complete. Basically, you start with a ball (presumably made of marble), and guide it through an isometric landscape, where you try to get to the end. That's it. There are of course a couple of obstacles on the way, but that's the basic gameplay. Both the sound and video are "ehh", I don't really find them memorable or impressive. The best part of this game is the gameplay, which, though, gets somewhat too repetitive, but still remains addicting.