Back in 2005, it was amazing - Today its boring, broken and needs to step aside for something better.

User Rating: 4.5 | Maple Story PC
MapleStory is a sidescrolling platform MMo, nothing really more needs to be said about that part. You can highly customize your character if you have plenty of NX and are lucky enough to get some stupidly rare drops, the rest of the players just mindless grind away in a stupidly poor combat system that has always been boring and broken. (Insert fanboi flames here)

The combat system is the main issues, its near on impossible to avoid monsters so if you want to hand in quests in certain areas, you'll be forced to slay a whole army of mobs in your way, and the game employs a very archaic method of 'you touch the monster it automatically hurts you' method, the main problem is that its all too easy to get hit, you could be walking through a map for maps to randomly spawn in and hit you before you even have any chance to react, let alone trying to get to other areas via ladders and having a large amount of mobs camping at the top of the ladder and then knocking you all the way down to the bottom if you try to rush it.

Quest system is archaic too, very very little quest help - don't let the idea of it being a 2D game make the quest system sound easy, it is very confusing for new players, many quests give vague information and it quickly gets tiresome and boring as you explore around looking for npcs.

Couple that with very bad hacker problems - the game is still surviving but for how much longer, time will tell. Perhaps, a 3D version of Maple though, could be very good.