A addicting experiance BUT it does get repetitive.

User Rating: 7 | Maple Story PC
Edit: A new update for MapleStory has come, "The Big Bang" Which has changed the world and makes it a lot easier to earn experiece through killing normal monsters.br />

MapleStory is a world shaped in a manga collage of art. although the graphics and music are well done, there are many aspacts of the game that creates grind and tension.

Although somewhat fun and addictive, there is little new in terms of gameplay. The main point is to kill creatures spread out throughout the world of Maplestory and level up, Simple eh? not quite, Even killing higher lvl monsters barly increases your lvl and it's better just to do quests or minigames. One of the biggest annoyances is travel, i am not talking about town too town, but island to island. To get to an island for what every reason you will have to take a minimum of one ship to get there which arrives every 10 minutes and takes 10 minutes to get to where ever you are going.

One of the games strongest points is its easy to run graphics, although some people may not like the manga style, it adds a nice touch to people with garbage computers. Sounds your character makes are pretty basic (almost like runescape.) but the music makes up for that because it fits the mood of the areas in which you are killing creatures or exploring.

What story? There is not a story to be seen other then hundreds of quests. The quest may offer good rewards but are really nothing but kill X of this creature. quests, or item collection quests which do get repetive and somewhat annoying.

--Bottem line--
Although repeitive, the game can actually be fun with friends.

-great, easy to run graphics
-works good with friends
-lots of things to do or collect
-world is quite large
-sucks you in when doing minigames
-CAN be easy going

-Lots of grind when trying to level up, or travel
-no story
-98% of quests are revolved around fetching
-pointless if you have no one to play with (but guilds could be an option.)
-some people take it to seriously

Overall worth a try, have fun.