Charming and Addictive at first, until you realize it's totally pointless.

User Rating: 2 | Maple Story PC
Maplestory can be explained in 1 word: GRINDFEST. The point in the game is to rapidly press ctrl against an enemy until it dies. Do this continuously until you lvl up. Once you lvl up, you can get new abilities,weapons, armour, etc. It is fairly easy to get to lvl 20-25 at which point you will spend hours pressing ctrl until you go mad or lvl up. Maplestory also has a cash shop where you can spend real world money to alter you appearance in-game. If that wasn't stupid enough, the items you buy only last 90 days until you must recharge your nexon cash to buy it again. You might be thinking "Who would ever waste their money on something so stupid?" but sadly, many people do buy nexon cash. In the end, the only thing you will ever gain from playing Maplestory is a sore hand and many hours of your life wasted.