The best 2d mmo becomes childish garbage (R.I.P{2005-to future})

User Rating: 4.5 | Maple Story PC
Maplestory has gone a long way from Koreans introducing the game to Americans and expanding internationally. As a level 200 Archer I find that Maplestory is changing from awesome to garbage slowly years by years. If old members of Maplestory today re-download Maplestory (well you know 2-4gb updates) to see that it's not Maplestory. Just another game ready to be played by kids who don't appreciate the concept and clarity of the game, with Nexon constantly changing the whole Maplestory into a little kitty hangout spot. We saw the changes we liked some and we hated the others, but now Maplestory lies in great conflict of originality and its old ways.

Here lies "The Great fallen 2D Mmorpg Maplestory".

- Monster Life happened
- Random new characters happened
- Nerfing happened