haha...it good to play if at online.. but u all say it..it really waste time~

User Rating: 7.5 | Maple Story PC
well,the lvl up at lvl1 to lvl 10 is easier...when at lvl20...wah..it hard to up...and it waste my many time for it..but the way,it can chating with friends if they online and kill together haha...only this,it can earn $.....and the lvl higher is lvl180!!!!!!!!how can i get many time for it?well,it just nice RPG,i loved thier design places...anyway,i like to play olso...but not always hav time to play...For awhile. I actually play this game on and off. From the constant level grinding you can spend hours or days trying to level
The music gets really annoying after the first few days, and you end up listening to your i-pod. Plus this game, for some bizzare reason gets overly addictive, you run into beggars, stalkers, and comlete and total bi-atchs.