Manic Miner Cheats For Game Boy Advance

  1. Level passwords

    Enter the codes on the password screen to go to the level shown.

    Effect Effect
    TOYS Amoebatrons Revenge
    75JDKJ9KS Attack of the Mutant Telephones
    QWERTY Central Cavern
    TSBSJJXC Flunky Punky Munkie
    TRUCKS Miner Willy Meets the Kong Beast
    PP3CCS6 Processing Plant
    MCGE99SMD Return of the Alien Kong Beast
    DHGND8X Skylab Landing Bay
    PO2VDFEA9 The Bank
    WILLY The Cold Room
    MONKEY The Final Barrier
    POCKET The Menagerie
    86GGHVNDSC The Warehouse
    MARCD8GBE Wacky Amoebatrons

    Contributed by: oblivion from aoc 

  2. Level Passwords

    Effect Effect
    TT RACING Eugene's Lair
    TAXMAN World 10 (Enhanced)
    MOLE World 2 (Enhanced)
    MUSIC World 2 (Original)
    ARTHUR SCARGILL World 3 (Enhanced)
    SUPER World 3 (Original)
    NEIL KINNOCK World 4 (Enhanced)
    SMILER World 4 (Original)
    JETSET World 5 (Enhanced)
    COURT World 5 (Original)
    MINER 49ER World 6 (Enhanced)
    STYX World 6 (Original)
    NOISE World 7 (Enhanced)
    SUPRA World 7 (Original)
    STRIKE World 8 (Enhanced)
    MEGA World 9 (Enhanced)

    Contributed by: Mezmorize99, Thegreekweezel 

Manic Miner Cheats For Commodore 64

  1. POKEs

    Enter the following POKEs before running the Game

    Effect Effect
    Poke 16632,0 ; Sys 16384 God-Mode
    Poke 16571,173; SYS 16640 God-Mode
    Poke 16419,x Level Select ( x = Level, 0-19)
    Poke 16424,x Level Select ( x = Level, 0-19)
    Poke 16423,5 Unlimited Time
    Poke 1524,x x = Lives; max=255
    Poke 1624,x x = Lives; max=255

    Contributed by: anarcho_selmiak 

Manic Miner Cheats For Amiga

  1. Infinite Lives

    Pause the game pressing [Space]. Now press [*] on the keypad. Resume the game and you'll have 9 lives. This can be repeated whenever needed.

    Contributed by: Lagoona