Great gore stealth game its what splinter cell never got right

User Rating: 9 | Manhunt PS2
This game is going to keep you going for a while

PROS:stealth gameplay works most of the time,variety in missions most of the time,many different kills you can do,loads of weapons,shooting is easy,sorta seems like your in a SAW movie

CONS:graphics are out of date,sometimes following your enemies while trying to keep the weapon raised doesnt work to do a slight movement you make,most of the time you dont have time to hold down square and get the gruesome kills you will most likely get the first type,once shooting is intruduced you loss the stealth mechanic,just running and fighting will kill you instantly,hiding in the shadow some times is so stupid cause there staring right at you

OVERALL:this game is great fun disspite some minor errors and the shooting ruins it graphics arnt next gen but the gore and great kills and storyline make up for all the bad