One of Rockstar's beautifully crafted bloody hidden gems. No surprise here, it's fantastic.

User Rating: 9.5 | Manhunt PS2
When people usually think of Rockstar, they think of Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption, or Max Payne. What people need to also remember amongst Rockstar's great collection of games is Manhunt. This game received a lot of news publicity for it's very violent content and disturbing story. "What's so bad and disturbing about this game?", you might ask, I'll tell you: the executions. I've never seen anything so brutal and cool at the same time. The way your character (James Earl Cash) slaughters people is absolutely interesting. While you are playing the game, you might even question yourself, "Why the hell am I playing this? Am I really this twisted for playing it and liking it?". While I was playing it for the 5th time, I started realizing, I think Rockstar wants us to enjoy the twisted mannerisms they are providing in this gore-fest. From shoving a crowbar into the back of someone's head to shoving a sickle into someones nutsack, you will be be very into the game. The gore isn't the only thing that's interesting either, since it's Rockstar, it's obviously going to have a great story.

You play as James Earl Cash, a man who was put on death row for an unknown crime, but your life is bought by a director who wants to use you for his underground snuff films. You must hide and kill for your life and get to the director to discuss why he is doing this. The levels you will go through are very creepy and are filled with strange gang members after your blood. You even come across a fat naked man, with a pig head for a mask, wielding a chainsaw, coming after you, which may be the most intense part.

All in all, Manhunt's controls and gameplay are easy to get a hold of and there is plenty of story to enjoyed here. You can probably get this game really cheap now, so I suggest you buy it whenever you have a few bucks left from your paycheck.