Manhunt is brutal and satisfying.

User Rating: 9.5 | Manhunt XBOX
Manhunt is one of the most violent games to date, with brutal kills and a lot of blood. Rockstar Games isn't no stranger when it comes to violent games, and this one is no different. At first Manhunt might seem hard and just all about going through level after level killing people. But in the middle you got a game that is about struggle, being put in a situation in which you can't get out of unless you forfeit your life and die.

You will be playing as James Earl Cash, who at the start of the game is on Death Row, for murder. Your soon to be executed and put to sleep by lethal ejection, but after awhile you wake up. You hear a voice coming from a earpiece and get it, and mysterious man reveals that you only received a sedative. The man refers to himself as the Director, and tells James that he will be given freedom before the night is over with. The so called director then reveals he's a snuff film director, and that before James can get set free he'll have to kill this gang who refers to them self's as The Hoods. There are cameras scattered throughout the city so the director can keep a close eye on you. So there is no way you can possibly get away, either kill or be killed.

The story it's self will take some twist along the way, and can get pretty hard at times. But you'll relay on stealth most throughout the whole thing. If not then you want survive for very long, especially when guns come into play. The length of the game will be different for everyone, the first time playing might get especially hard during the last few stages of the game. Therefore making where you have to start from the last point where you saved, and in that case you should save every time you come across a save point.

The gameplay will consist of you having to stay in the shadows, you will want to try and lure your enemies to come to you. You will have a nice selection of weapons with you, you will find them laying around areas, or can get them off the corpse of your victim. Some weapons you can only use once, like a plastic game which you will strangle with. Or a bat witch you can use multiple times to bash someone's head in with. There are a multitude of weapons including guns which you will get to use, it's best to try and use them all, each one has a different little way it will kill a person. On the PS2 version, if you have a microphone to hook up you can use it. What this does makes it where the enemies can hear you, so if you by some chance accidentally cough, they will probably hear and you just blew your cover. Not something I used much but puts a new twist on the stealth part of the game.

The environments you'll find yourself in aren't very varied, you'll find that you'll go inside then out throughout the game. The outside varies from big to little, whereas the insides are usually really small with only a few places to hide. The characters themselves aren't very detailed either, but each gang does have there own looks from the others as well as personalities. The personalities of these gangs are really interesting, some might be thugs, while others are crazy and are seriously in need of help. When your hiding in the shadows your defiantly going to have a laugh at what they will say, the voice acting it's self is done rather well. And the same can be said about the sounds, being a stealth game, you'll have to remember some things you walk on will make a sound.

Manhunt is a game that is bloody, brutal, sick and twisted all in one. The content is something like we've never seen before, and people that don't like it should immediately turn away. But after all this, if you look at what the game really is, you'll find a great game that's a lot of fun. One that has a great story even if it is something that sounds from another world. I would recommend anyone who likes stealth, and suspense to check it out.