User Rating: 9 | Manhunt PS2
Manhunt is a game with beautiful graphics,low replay value, and very violent images.I happened to enjoy the game a lot.Maybe it was because I like violent games, I dont know why but I think whoever buys this game will enjoy it is as much as I do.The overall look of the game is dark and grainy so they could've been better than they already are.It is violent in the regular gameplay and even more violent when you are watching the execution scenes.Sometimes these scenes are so graphic they are too sick to stomach for some.The sound is very good and it gets fast-paced when in a fight.The gameplay is very simple and can get confusing when trying to attack and you are used to GTA controls.So instead of pressing X or [] to attack, you press O and switch your weapons and get attacked while doing so. The game can be very frustrating and you HAVE to be stealthy or you will get killed.Enemies take from 8-12 hits to kill and can do a lot of damage to you also. But if you stealth kill them they only take one hit to kill and you only have to watch them getting executed which is pretty entertaining because you can watch them get executed more brutally everytime,depending on how long you hold X and what weapon you have.Overall, Manhunt is a violent and fun stealth game that may be too disturbing for some to handle.