User Rating: 8.5 | Manhunt PS2
There's going to be a lot of waves made by this game, more than likely. The morality of a game based on snuff film is difficult to grapple with. Is it revolting to be entertained by it? Should such a game even be created? Honestly, I found this game no more revolting than a good episode of "Friday the 13th." Yes, the executions are gruesome; yes, your character is a obviously a criminal - but your enemies are even more disgusting than you are. Also, Manhunt poses an ethical question: Cash was about to die anyway; he had been sentenced to death. So what should we care what happens to him now? Philosophical questions aside, this is an excellent stealth and action game, easily surpassing the PC "Hitman" series. There are some minor issues - the camera can do nutty things, there is some repeptitive trial and error that gets old. My one real gripe is that, if there's any game that should have received an "adults only" rating, this is it. No one under 18 should really be watching this, just like an R rated movie.