manhunt the game,,is a brilliant mix of everything,,but falls short on other

User Rating: 7.5 | Manhunt XBOX

manhunt is a violent and nasty game,,it uses its graphics pretty good,,but sometimes it feels a little random and also the graphics do not play of very well all the time,,stabbing or silent killing and enemy with your knife is gruesome but its also challeging since the game sometimes can lag or the graphics simply do not play of very well all the time,,a few bugs in the game,,

the mechanics works but arent the best i have seen,,

game is exciting and also story is,,many things to do but could be more,,

lacks some more variety,,its bland and crispy this gam and a mix of bland,,.

ehm anyway,,sounds are good ,,weapons and selection of them,,voices,,options,,sometimes camera can be tricky though,,but u wil lget the hang of it,,nonstop violence from a to z,.-

easy and challing at the same time,,therefore,,just right difficulty;p,,

cutscenes are nice but few;p,,

good looking game but i have seen better,,.

i give it a 7.5 / 10,,

have a nice day;) ..,,