Fun and intense game,graphics are awesome for that time...and I still have fun playing it....when I do at least

User Rating: 9 | Manhunt PC
Manhunt,you play as james earl cash,20 lvl's.The thing I like is that you actually get some extras,some extra levels,you unlock cheats and you have a star rating,unlike in manhunt 2 that you get almost nothing.The story is interesting,grows on you.The executions are awesome,stealth playing game.Lots of different types of enemies.

At some points its really scary like when you got 4 dudes chasing you and you're low on ammo...It is also an action playing game becouse of the weapons.The sick Starkweather is watching you and making you be his main actor.Time to get some revange,get into starkweather's mansion and kill him. BUt the way of getting to starkweather is not so easy,prepare for an unforgetable experience of Manhunt.

The sound is awesome,the musik and atmosphere are wicked.Graphincs at that time were amazing,even know they're good compared to some other games. Lots of references.

Overall: If you wanna keep youself busy,get this game