Most Controversial Game in the World! Yet it's an important game.

User Rating: 8 | Manhunt XBOX

Here lies the most controversial game in the world, arguably the most gruesome unapologetic game of all time. Manhunt. I remember when this game was first released, the graphics were fair for its time, but the graphic gore and brutal actions in the game was over the top. The game's engine is similar to the engine used for Grand Theft Auto 3. Parts of the camera system (first person view at times when you're hiding) also impress. Running, hiding, sneaking, and the improv use of things in this game all impress the level of freedom you could explore. {*Due to the controversial nature surrounding the level of violence of the game I will not be describing how the weapons and fight system works.} The storyline Rockstar Games presents us with is unique, very creative in my opinion. You are James Earl Cash, an alleged murderer facing execution until you comply with a Director who's watching your every move and threatens your life if you don't comply. So it's a dog-eat-dog world for James, he kills to survive other vigilantes who are out to kill him on sight, all while under surveillance by the Director himself. Although many would like to point the finger at this game as if it's what's wrong with society, the truth is this game only holds up a mirror to how heartless we could actually be to one another in reality. We are all James Earl Cash, not in the violent sense, but in a sense that we all step on one another from time to time in order to survive, all while being watched by people of power..."the malevolent Directors of capitalism." If you look at this game from a storyline perspective you'll understand/overstand the harsh truth within allegory presentation. We are all participating in a psychological game called Manhunt. Society at times lack morality and remorse by stepping on and destroying one another in order to survive and prevail using any means of narcissism or selfish tendencies. Just look at how society treats the homeless and the less fortunate. Unfortunately you do have people in the world who would commit the ultimate foul instead of thinking before they act, all to justify their "right". Games do not create problems for the world, games actually alleviate stress and draw narratives to what actually happens in the real world. The unfortunate aspect of this game Manhunt, is that there are actual people in the world who would be negatively influenced by this game so this would not be a game you would want around a mentally ill person nor a person with no self-control. Similar negative violent reactions are met when we observe the novel The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger . Although the novel itself isn't meant to draw out violent reactions, there are people who get carried away and become obsessed with the novel and lose control of themselves as a result. The blame should be on the person, not the book nor the game. A book is an inanimate object just like money is just a piece of paper. Money is not the blame for worldly problems, the problems are inevitably mankind's fault by a matter of negative actions, lack of self-control, and negative influence by delusion. Money is only a participant in the daily life and has a bit of sway in situations because of mankind's perception and glorification of money. That is the only reason people would do what they would do for it. The ultimate point I'm making is; Manhunt is a game reserved for responsible gamers only. The game pushes the level of video-game violence to the edge. The game MANHUNT, is rated M for Mature: meaning this game is meant for MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY. ONLY THOSE WHO VIEW AND ENJOY GAMES RESPONSIBLY WITH SELF-CONTROL TO KNOW THIS GAME IS A WORK OF FICTION AND PRESENTED AS SUCH FOR SOLE PURPOSES OF ENTERTAINMENT, SHOULD PLAY THIS GAME. I wrote a song called Manhunt inspired by this game, to show how we have lost our place in terms of morality.