If you think GTA and Bully too heavy, do not play Manhunt.

User Rating: 8 | Manhunt PS2

Rockstar is known for the GTA franchise, made Bully, the masterpiece Red Dead Redemption, summing up is a company that I have not seen wrong in any game, but then I discovered a Manhunt that was released in 2003, a time that still Rockstar had not even made the GTA San Andreas yet, so is Manhunt good? Yes he is good, in fact he is very good, the problem that the game had was his controversy at the time, which gave a lot of headache for Rockstar, much more headache than Bully for example, had several processes, Had a case of death that according to people had something to do with the game, but I ask, the game is for adults not for children, if a child plays a game for bigger and was influenced by the game, this is the parents' fault Of the person and not of Rockstar, now talking about the game he has a heavy story, and involves the snuff movies, which for those who do not know are video that are found in the sub-world of the internet and are videos of people being really dead, without No special effects, the plot is macabre and interesting, the main character is as dangerous as the enemies, the game has Stealth elements, there are parts that you can not see, it gets difficult at each stage, but it's not such a difficult game , The graphics are well made, the deaths are heavy S, has shocking moments in the game, the soundtrack combines with the game, the environment is somber, and the final scene even being heavy, it is gratifying. Note 86