With solid gameplay, amazing storyline and loads of blood, this game will keep you entertained from beginning to end.

User Rating: 10 | Manhunt PS2
This game contains blood, a lot of blood. If you're not mature enough to handle it or has an aversion to blood, get out and look for Mario Sunshine or Jak And Daxter. But, if you think you can handle 2l of blood splattering in the screen, then carry on the reading.

The game takes beginning when you, James Earl Cash is senteced to death by an unknown reason. But, the execution was a fake. A director, only known as "Mr. Starkwheater" fakes his execution because he wanted a new "show", and it was nothing less than contract a bunch of mercenaries, armed to the teeth trying to kill Cash. So, as you can see, your mission is to eliminate every of the director's thugs and find the one who did this to you -- the director.

The game's graphics are overwhelming, with some fine touches on the lightning department (this game arguably has one of the most advanced lightning effects of the PS2), since the game is based purely on light vs darkness. Cash's model is pretty detailed, the environments are greatly design, with some of the most convincing digital grass, and it greatly enphatizes the game's true core, that is light vs darkness and noise vs silence.

The enemy AI is truly impressive at the first moment, since the enemies will be alerted by the minimal sound they hear, such as a footstep or a closing door. Knowing that, you can take advantage over that, such as kicking a trash can or throwing a brick to lure the thugs to you, and you can dispatch them. But, if anything goe wrong and they spot you, man, you're really screwed. This game i so perfect, that if you're spotted, you have 30% chances of getting out alive, since the enemies will call backup and run after you like an animal.

Since the sound is one of the game's core aspects, it couldn't have been better. Every noise is clear, the music changes according to your status (unnoticed -- yellow, suspicious -- orange and alerted -- red), the thugs mocking and cursing you, their laughs, every key aspect of the sound is surprisingly perfect.

The gameplay... aaahh, the gameplay... yes! Apart from the game's perfect audiovisual presentation, playing it is much more fun than watching it. The game counts with simple, easy-to-learn controls and mantains a high responsiveness rate. Every command is assigned to the "best" button for it, since the controls are so comfortable, that you can play easily for several hours.

Talking about playing for several hours, the single player campaign is fairly longs, with 20 death-defying levels, plus the extra minigames. So, you'll have a hard time finishing the game, that will vary from 20-25 hours untill you finish it fully. And every level got it's own attractive, such as a cool weapon, objective, environment, enemy, etc.

This game is outstanding in every absolute aspect, and will keep you entertainted for a long time. There are no negative points I've found so far on the game, and I've enjoyed Manhunt so much that I'll give it the more-than-fair 10 rating.