Repetitive but fun game

User Rating: 7 | Maneater PS5

The game is very simple and straight forward. You are a shark that needs to evolve eating a lot, causing a lot of horror while chasing / eating all the hunters on your way. We could say that it is even educative because it explains you some basics.

The game is not long, and it was one of the easiest way to get the platinum (in like 15 hours give or take). The game is repetitive, but at the same time it has a good sense of progress, at the beginning it is slightly hard but it gets easy while evolving.

My strategy was: first to open / explore all the world, eating a lot, open all the chests, signs, etc, and then trying to get attention to get the key hunters chasing me. Doing this way, it will become far lesser difficult and rewarding at the same time. The are 10 key hunters that appears when call a lot of attention. You have to get the first one very early in the game, then you can explore everything and then call remaining one once you are fully evolved and upgraded. To get the sign that are high is not as hard as it is look like, you only need to be equipped with speed and you can jump high, for the highest signs you just need to jump straight line from the deep of the water.

This is not the best game I've played, but it gave me some enjoyment for a couple of days and the the Platinum Trophy. If you are Plus member, you get it free and in PS5, it plays smoothly.

Note: the only bug I found while playing this game was that when I put in rest mode while playing this game, the PS5 crashed and when turning on, it restored database in safe mode. However, progress was not affected anytime.