Mambo a Go Go Cheats For Arcade Games

  1. Fast Scrolling and Random Modes

    These codes are performed at the song selection screen. Inputting the codes more than one time will toggle between other options.

    NOTE: There is also a hidden mode code, I haven't tested the other options it toggles through.

    Effect Effect
    Push and hold drum #1, hit drum #2 three times Fast scrolling x2 / fast scrolling x4 / Off
    Push and hold drum #1, hit drum #3 three times Hidden mode / ??? / ??? / Off
    Hit drums: 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3 Random mode

    Contributed by: smartbomb 

  2. Difficulty Setting

    Please do the following:

    Effect Effect
    At the Difficulty Selection Screen, highlight Hard Mode and ''roll'' or rapidly tap on the Right drum to access Very Hard mode. Very Hard Mode: This is NOT for the unprepared - it truly is extremely hard. To undo the change, ''roll'' on the Left drum until it goes away.

    Contributed by: Dark Starfire