The best baseball game ever made. A stepping stone to today's underachieving games.

User Rating: 9.6 | Major League Baseball Featuring Ken Griffey, Jr. N64
MLB Featuring Ken Griffey Jr. is truly the greatest baseball game ever made. Through graphics that have set the tone for today's games, detailed sound, and amazing gameplay, it is amazing how this game was overlooked.

Gameplay - This game has absolutely amazing gameplay. The system works much like it does in current gen games, with the camera view coming from the umpire's point of view. Pitching has many dimensions and a great number of pitches that function differently. Batting is done by moving around an "aiming" circle, finding the pitch location, and swinging away or bunting. Fielding works like current gen games as well but is much better, as you can actually make the fielder do what you want him to do.
Game modes include, season, exhibition, and the awesome home run derby.

Graphics- Although they are inferior to today's games, the graphics still hold up well. There are few glitchy run-ins and the graphics represent the game very well.

Sound- The announcer does a very good job throughout the game. Along with that, color-commentating done by KGJ himself. BOO YAH! He smarts off when he himself gets up to plate or makes a good play. Another BOO YAH!

Value- This game literally will last you as long as yor system does. Exhibition and home run derbies are very fun, especially with other people, but the season is where your money goes to work. You can not simulate games so you must play EVERY SINGLE ONE. Believe me, this is a GREAT feature. My season went for over three years until i finally lost my n64. And i had only played about 110 games! This is great, especially since you can make any sort of moves throughout, with great trading systems and free agency. This game has a greater value than any other n64 game that i have ever played, including my favorite n64 game, Mario Kart. Overall- 9.6/10