Not very pretty but very fun to play. It still gets play from me mainly because of trading and seaosn mode.

User Rating: 8.4 | Major League Baseball Featuring Ken Griffey, Jr. N64

Major League Baseball featuring Ken Griffey Jr. is a very fun game. For its time it had some features that most baseball games didn't, and while it didn't have very good visuals, it didn't matter. I still play this game to this day and enjoy it. I still play it to this day and love the trading and season mode.


The menu is apart of a rotating baseball and each option is a different side of the ball. It's a neat idea and stands out from most other baseball games I can think of. The options are easy to find and easy to use if you would like to change something. Graphics:

Ken Griffey Jr. isn't bad, it just isn't that good. Players all look the same for the most part with the only difference being skin color and uniform color. The fans look like blocks with color that jump up and down. After sliding around the dirt the players are still clean. The players share the same animations, the problem being there is really only about 5 to speak of. As far as framerate goes the game is solid and never lagged as far as I noticed, but it's not surprising considering it doesn't have to render a lot either. I didn't notice much clipping either, but i'm sure there is some. The one nice touch was certain stadiums had their "thing" in it. For instance Boston had the green monster, and you could easily tell you were in Camden Yards.All things said, All Star Baseball 99 looks much better than this.


It may be Griffey's game, but you'll probably find yourself turning his commentary off as it is very repetitive and doesn't offer anything to the gaming experience. The commentary outside of Griffey is almost non existent. They make some noise on a strike out, or home run, but thats about it.


This is where the game shined. It is easy and fun to pick up. There is a home run contest, season mode, multiplayer, and exhibition are all there. I love the season mode mostly because it has trading where the CPU can say no if it deems it not a good deal for it. No other baseball game from this time had this, and some still don't. I can't say enough good things about how this game plays. Value:

The season mode alone with the AI trading is enough to keep me playing. I have been playing this game a good amount for the last 9 years, that should tell you something. Record keeping would of upped it more.